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Our goal is to provide our visitors, much more than a lunch or dinner …

We want to be able to give a day in the country …

With us you can get to know the industry and the various stages of production, starting from the sowing of various fruit and vegetable products, harvesting, processing and subsequent transformation into everyday consumer products.

We want to guarantee to anyone who comes to see the quality of our products, show that today in a world increasingly focused on globalization and the sale of industrial products, you can still find a true artisan quality product, superior to what is offered by supermarkets every day.

At our hotel, guests can taste the specialties of Monferrato hills, buy genuine products, to return home with the knowledge that there is an alternative to the supermarket.

We offer a true Piedmontese cuisine made of just our local produce, with a calendar of themed evenings with typical menu.

Farm Bonvino, offers the possibility to its customers to buy the real TARTUFI of COCCONATO.


Our structure ensures accessibility to the handicapped, and the changing table service for the little ones.

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